Image - a visual representation of an object or scene or person produced on a surface.
Spam - an unsolicited piece of data, indiscriminantly sent. The electronic equivalent of junk mail.

If a picture is worth a thousand words,
why type when you can send pictures instead...

When I go online on AOL Instant Messenger, one of the first things I usually do is an image "direct connect". My friends Steve and Pete always get pissed when I do this. They know when I do they are probably about to receive my image spam. Steve came up with that term, hence the name of this site.

My name is Brian Florence and I am an amateur photographer from Upstate New York. I love to drive across America. I also love to take pictures of the awesome scenes I see.

When I have my camera in my hand, my goal is to capture the beauty, emotion, depth, and vivid awareness I am experiencing through my own eyes into a simple two-dimensional photograph. These are the scenes I want to remember. These are the pictures I try to take.

Forgive me for wanting to show them off. :-)

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For questions or comments, or for information on ordering high quality prints and posters of my work, please send a request using this form. Thanks for checking out the site!

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